Woman and Futon

OKOMI Wellbeing was born of my dream as a practical idealist who wants to combine entrepreneurship with the promotion of health and wellbeing in a unique way. My backgroud is in educational science and I have a long experience of encountering, listening and encouraging people. I have worked with staff and services development and served as manager in service companies and educational institutions. 

Shiatsu was born in Japan for over thousand years ago. It has roots in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and also in Western medicine. I was particularly inspired by the holistic nature of the treatment, its effectiveness to the pain, and the deep calming of the mind. Treating body's acupoints maintains your health and prevents illness. You get energy for your day and varying life situations! 

I hope you come to the therapy just the way you are, ready to let go of the tight body and anxiety.

Wellcome to efficient and relaxing shiatsu!

Outi Komi, OKOMI Hyvinvointi, Shiatsu-therapist

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